torsdag den 6. maj 2010

Greetings, you English speakers!

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Welcome to all of you English speakers who may be visting via the link on Jimmy Moore's website. He has been kind enough to include my blog on his list of go-to-places while he is away in the Big Apple. You gotta love that guy!

My blog is going on its third year and deals with some of the same issues as Jimmy's does. It's mostly based on my incredulity with the Danish national nutrition recommendations, which do not differ much from yours: Eat a lot of "healthy whole grains", avoid animal fats as much as possible and keep carbohydrate intake well above the fifty percent. Something is definitely rotten in Denmark too.

Fat Taxuenza

My latest post is actually on the scandalous new fat tax that our government has seen fit to jam down our throats. The fat tax is only on the 'dangerous' saturated fats, of course, the 'good' PUFA-laden plant oils are exempt. I participated in a saturated fat conference in my capacity as journalist last year--check out one of the foreign experts, a French, English or American guy, told us that outside of Denmark the scientists were refering to the Danes as suffering from Fat Taxuenza ... Needless to say, these guys were trying to educate among others our Food Minister, but alas to no avail.

My P.O.V.

I advocate a nutritional approach that all but elimantes sugars and grains, and allows plenty of animal fat as well as adequate protein from preferably pastured animals or wild fish, seafood, eggs and such.

Also I see no problem with vegetables and fruit, while stressing that you shouldn't overdo the latter. Two a day, if you need it. As for starch, rice and potatos are alright in small quantities for most people. Just focus on the fats and carpet bomb those taters with butter ;-)

If you want to explore my blog further, but find yourself lacking in the necessary language skills, there is a translation button in the top of the right column. The translation is far from perfect, but it will give a good idea of the content as well as a few laughs along the way.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to leave comments.


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3 kommentarer:

  1. Sorry about that with the Swedish reference. I've changed it to Danish at my blog. :) GREAT WORK HERE! :D

  2. Thanks a lot, Jimmy! I am flattered that you included me in your picks. We try, we try, but as you know, this is Fat Tax country. We're all down with the dreaded Fat Taxuenza. Sweden with its enormous LCHF-movement is so close, so far ...

    Many kudos from here to especially your podcast, which is so rewarding to listen to and so much fun. Keep trying to get Colin T. Campbell on the line, I can't wait to hear that! I tell people about your show all the time (which reminds me that I really should make a review of it on iTunes).

    Again, thanks, and good luck onwards to you and your lovely wife Christine ;-)

  3. O yeah Jimmy
    sometimes I would love to be sweedish ( never thought I would post some thing like that here LOL
    but we serously need a LCHF movement in Denmark- supported by docs and scientist just like in Sweden ...but oh no we are down with the "Fat Taxuenza"- love that Budzinski
    Letst make an uprising - need a food revolution - big time